Old Dunstan Road ponds

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There are some ponds on the Old Dunstan Road which may potentially freeze during the winter months. They are at 960 – 1000 m above sea level which is significantly higher than other dams and lakes in the area. We have no idea if these are skatable in winter, but it is possible that when other areas are not frozen, these may be.

The Old Dunstan Road is blocked off at Poolburn during the winter, so anyone attempting to access this area would need to drive to the gate, then walk, run or cycle their way along the road and do some cross-country trekking to get there. The distance is around 10 km depending on which ponds you want to reach.

These may be swamps, they may be irrigation dams, they may be dry lake beds, we’re not really sure. If you have been to the area and know, please get in touch.