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Coalpit and Lower Manorburn

Saturday afternoon
Lower Manorburn – main basin – snow ice on top of old ice in Rush Cutters and shady parts. (ice over most of the basin) Soft surface in the sun but hard and bumpy in the shade. Some other skate-able spots in the shady areas
Some new back ice in parts but too thin to skate.

Coalpit – Snow ice over most of the pond. (over some older ice on shady side) Skate-able but soft surface in the sun. Track in has a lot of snow.

(lots of snow in the range around Poolburn)

Ice Report – Sat 13 Aug

Lower Manorburn – Skate-able ice in Rush Cutters – old ice pack on half of it and new ice over the rest – thinning out to 25mm. Rest of main basin – maybe up to 35mm of ice – not safe. Other skate-able areas if you look and are careful. Old ice is safe. Hard and dry.

Poolburn – 80mm down to 40mm over most of main bay. Mix of snow ice and new ice. New ice is thinner and cracks. Skate-able around small island and whole main area. Rest of dam unknown as was too warm to venture too far. Surface -hard- from smooth black ice to bumpy old (snow) ice. Great skate! Road muddy with the thaw.

Skate with the frost.

Will it last……?

Lower Manorburn – Monday 8.30am

8.30am – Thick ice in Rush Cutters down to 40-50 on other side of main basin. Water in gorge either side. Some snow effect still in places and some rubbish thrown on the ice. Ice hard and silent. Good skate if you pick your spots.

Weed ruining the surface in Rush Cutters as the day warms and beware thin ice as you head up towards the neck. Skate early with a frost (if the ice holds)!